Visual Learning Tools

Coming Soon!

Does your child struggle to learn even the most basic academic and life skills? Does he remember lessons one day but not the next? Is a complex task like washing dishes beyond her comprehension? There is hope! When a child has processing problems, they tend to rely on visual strategies to get by. They constantly search their environment for clues to what they should be doing and in what order. Why not help them out by giving them the clues in an organized fashion, one that will help them remember the steps and lessons day after day?

I am currently developing a line of visual support tools for the struggling learner. These tools are designed to help your struggling learner master those basic skills that provide the foundation for academic work and life skills. Once you see how it’s done and how easy it is to use, you can go on to build your own tools for any subject matter.

If you would like to know when these tools will be available, you can keep in touch through my newsletter.