Review: Sonbeams’ Preschool Curriculum

I just got a look at the new preschool curriculum from Sonbeams. There are several positives to this product. [Disclaimer: This is not a paid review, nor is the link an affiliate link.]

First, it was obviously written by someone with experience with preschoolers. The lessons are focused–you work on one concept for five days. The lessons are reinforced in a variety of ways using the five senses and different learning modalities.

Second, it was obviously written by someone who homeschools. The lessons are laid out in an easy-to-follow format. All the planning is done for you. You just need to check each week to see what supplies you will need. You can easily skip activities or a whole day if needed.

Third, if you have a learning disabled child or one who struggles with academic learning, this curriculum provides a gentle introduction to letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and other preschool concepts. The author incorporates sign language as part of each lesson, allowing a child with speech issues to communicate his understanding of the topic.

A Note: this curriculum is Christian. Whenever possible, the author ties the lesson to a Bible verse, story, or principle. Great if you are looking for something specifcally Christian that is not preachy.

Sonbeams is having a 50% off sale on this curriculum Friday, August 20, 2010. After that, the discount goes down 10% each day so if you know you want it, be ready to order on Friday. Here is the link to the product information page:

The sales info info on this and other products is on the Back-to-School Sale page.





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