Holiday Decorating Idea for the Homeschool Area

Having guests over for the holidays but the homeschool area is always a mess? This year, try doing a holiday project that can be displayed on those folding display boards. Then use the display boards to hide the homeschool area. You get a double blessing: your organizational skills will not be on display, and your kids will have a show and tell item for guests. It’s a win/win solution.

Some projects you can do for Christmas are:

  • Christmas around the world. Find examples of how people on other countries celebrate Christmas. Put pictures on the display board, along with the name of the country and its flag.
  • Create a nativity scene as an art project. Pick a medium and make all the figures, or just the main ones using that medium. For example, you could print pictures of the animals and characters, but make use the collage technique for Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus.
  • A simple project is to treat the display boards like a traditional bulletin board. Print pages of ornament shapes, and then have your kids color them in. Let them get creative with glue, glitter, paint, or anything else you have around the house.

Better yet, let your students come up with ideas. It’s a great way to involve them and relieve yourself of the demands of decorating.

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