Great Book: A Whole New Mind

I came across a great book in my research on right-brained people titled A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age by Daniel H. Pink. It is a fascinating look at the upcoming era’s business model. The basic idea is that the left-brain-focused Information Age is giving way to the more right-brained-focused Conceptual Age. The author does not suggest that this is an either/or situation, but rather a joining together of the minds, if you will, to build products that appeal to a person’s innate sense of beauty or purpose.

The author goes on to identify six skill sets needed for the Conceptual Age. The good news here is that they all cater to the way the right hemisphere of the brain operates. Why am I writing about this on a homeschooling blog? Because if the author’s vision of where business and industry are headed is correct, then homeschoolers are poised to train up a workforce that will excel in this new business environment.  While traditional schools tend to use curriculum that feeds the way the left-brained hemisphere works, homeschoolers tend to branch out and include more right-brained activities in the school year. These activities are building skills that are crucial to the emerging Conceptual Age.  I strongly recommend this book if you are interested in studying the brain hemispheres or the progression of industry and technology and how it affects tomorrow’s work force. I found this book in my local library.

I’m not finished reading the book but it was so good, I had to share at least a little bit about it. The author does a great job of writing in an engaging style, and uses lots of quotes and stories. To finish off, here are some great quotes from the book from the author and other people. Can you see where this book is headed?

“Design in its simplest form is the activity of creating solutions.” – Frank Nuovo, industrial engineer

“Any job that depends on routines–that can be reduced to a set of rules, or broken down into a set of repeatable steps–is at risk.” [for outsourcing to another country]- Daniel Pink, author of the book

“I see us being in the art business. Art, entertainment and mobile sculpture, which, coincidentally, also happens to provide transportation.” – Robert Lutz, GM executive

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