What You Do Matters in a Big Way

Today I overheard some women talking in an office environment. They were talking about kids and it was your normal office chit chat, with sympathy offered in the appropriate places for parenting struggles and the like. But the thing that struck me the most was how surfacy the conversation was. I didn’t perceive the women to be shallow, so I assume it was just because it was in the office and you don’t really get too personal. Then I thought about when I talk about homeschooling with other moms and it’s more of a no-holds-barred-this-is-what’s-going-on-with-me type thing. Everyone seems to get to the point (or is that just because I’m so direct?) and jump into the deeper things in life.

Which then made me realize that the decisions we makeĀ about our homeschooling after we’ve had these kinds of conversations can be life changing–not so much for us but for our kids. I so appreciate the depth of interaction that goes on in the homeschool community. There is much diversity, but also much comraderie.

After giving you my little stream-of-conscience thing there, I just wanted to encourage you with this thought: Even though homeschooling is hard and can be a real challenge at times, the things you do each day with your kids and the decisions you make about their education are important. The decisionsĀ matter because they are shaping the future of a generation. Never give up on what’s important.

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